Thursday, 16 October 2014

Living life!

Life has been so busy lately that I didn't even realize that it's been almost five months since I blogged. So much has been happening that everything is jumbled up in my head right now. Mostly I have been busy performing my duties as an Army wife. To my surprise I won an award for it a month back and I have to say it was an honor. Not that I jumped with joy receiving it because I wasn't aiming for it.
I am not a competitive person. I just do my job in the best way I can and if I can bring a smile on somebody's face at the end of the day...I thing I have achieved something good!
Since I am writing about myself today...which I rarely do, I have realized a lot of changes in myself lately. It's like I am getting closer to my aim. "Being a better human being and living life". I will give some credit to experience with age as well. With surety I can say that I am content and happy at this very stage of my life!
I am calmer, grateful for all the comforts in my life and a wonderful life I have with my loving husband. There is just so much in life to experience than just working 9-5. Someone has very rightly said...Live each day! 
Why not?? ? Just got one life...

Sunday, 25 May 2014

My daily visitors...

The day I moved into my present home I noticed these pigeons always being around. Sometimes sitting on my kitchen window or my terrace. Being a nature and an animal lover I decided to get friendly with them. Every morning I feed them Pearl millet. These two are a couple...always together. A few more are there including a bully who doesn't let anybody eat. There antics just make me laugh!
Now, they have got so friendly that they 'coo' and call me outside to feed them. It feels lovely to watch them come flying on the terrace as soon as they see me. To be honest sometimes they get their breakfast before my husband. 
Can't help it!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Shot the lightning!

Hey there!

It has been really long since I wrote something...for that I have a pretty good reason!  My parents came to visit me so we were having an amazing time in Dharamhsala. They just left yesterday and I am really missing them, wish they hadn't left!
Any way, back to blogging...Here is a shot that I had always wanted to click and finally managed to do so. This is another addition to my favorites now!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

First Snowfall!

A view from my home!

I clicked this shot today morning and I keep looking at this photograph again and again. 
I love love love winter. The weather is changing and there is nip in the air. I can't wait for it to arrive. 
Just like many people I and my hubby love winters too. I can't wait to experience that snuggly feeling one gets when wrapped up in a pretty shawl or a furry blanket all cozy on the couch or in bed with a hot cup of tea or coffee reading a book, watching T.V or listening to music. 
I also love taking a walk in winter. That feel of cool cool breeze on the face is so much fun. My hubby calls me Santa Claus because i always end up with a red nose in winter. 
Gosh! I sound like a little can imagine how excited I am.
Well, hope you all have a great winter too!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Recent clicks!

I clicked these shots yesterday...Enjoy!

Shades of the Sun

Feather Friend